Ecological residential complex

Ecological residential complex
Project Description
An ecological residential complex built in a desert area on a plot of land of 11 hectares, with a population density of 250 people per hectare.

Housing models:

1- Connected housing, 2- Separate housing, 3- Villa

The project center includes: a small mosque - a kindergarten - a commercial complex - a clinic - a library.

6 Models

Number of separate housing blocks: 22

Number of connected housing blocks: 32

Number of villa blocks: 19

A: 120

B: 90

C: 150

D: 120

E: 150

F duplex: 200

Number of apartments A = 56

Number of apartments B = 102

Number of apartments C = 56

Number of apartments D = 56

The number of apartments E = 102

Number of apartments F = 28

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